copertina sigla iniziale

Sigla iniziale
“Extreme Dreamer”
Testo:勇-YOU- (Isamu  YOU)   Musica e arrangiamenti:太田雅友
Interpreti:SCREEN mode

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Sigla finale
「Passion CONTINUE」
“Passione Continua”
Testo:畑 亜貴 (Hata Aki) Musica e arrangiamenti:山口朗彦(Yamaguchi Akihiko)



始めたがりの強いHeart 変えてみたいから行こうよ
走りだして周りを見な いいくらい
全速力だ、強いHeart 変えてみたいから願ったんだ
探し疲れ倒れる また起きる何回でも
情熱を (Let’s go!) CONTINUE (Let’s try!)
君に賛成 ホント幸せ
ジャンプジャンプ、背伸びのMy Story
決心は (Let’s go!) ノンフィクション (Let’s try!)
君に会いたい 今日も会いたい
知ってるの? (朝も夜も君に会いたいよ!)
そんな世界 (ちっとも上手く譲れない)

kaitensuu motto ageyou ka Dream!
ashita kara to iwanaide yo, sugu ni
(hajimetagari no tsuyoi Heart kaetemitai kara ikou yo)
hashiridashite mawari o mina ii kurai
(zensokuryoku da, tsuyoi Heart kaetemitai kara negattanda)
sagashitsukare taore mata okiru nankai demo
tanoshii ne to
JOUNETSU o (Let’s go!) CONTINUE (Let’s try!)
kimi ni sansei honto shiawase
janpu janpu, senobi no My Story
kesshin wa (Let’s go!) nonfikushon (Let’s try!)
kimi ni aitai kyou mo aitai
datte datte yubi tomarenai
shitteru no? (asa mo yoru mo kimi ni aitai yo!)
sonna sekai (chittomo umaku yuzurenai)

Let’s kick up our revolutions and dream!
Don’t ask me to wait ‘til tomorrow, I want it now
My strong heart likes to get things started,
and it wants to make a change, so let’s go!
Once we get running, take a good look at everything around you
My strong heart is at full power,
having made a wish to make that change!
I grow tired of searching and collapse…
then get back up, as many times as it takes
Going on about how much fun I’m having!
PASSION (Let’s go!) CONTINUE (Let’s try!)
I’m decided on you, just so happy
Jump, jump! As my story grows taller!
This resolve (Let’s go!) is non-fiction (Let’s try!)
I wanna see you! Even today!
After all, you’ve yet to catch me! Do you know?
Whether morning or night, I just wanna see you!
That kind of world (I just can’t let it go one bit!)
PASSION (Let’s go!) CONTINUE (Let’s try!)